Class AddClockCSRIExperiment

All Implemented Interfaces:
ConfigurableExperiment, ConfigurableRandomInputExperiment, ConfigurableSequentialCircuitExperiment, Experiment, SequentialCircuitExperiment, java.io.Serializable

public class AddClockCSRIExperiment
extends AddClockCRIExperiment
implements ConfigurableSequentialCircuitExperiment

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Constructor Summary
AddClockCSRIExperiment(ConfigurableSequentialCircuitExperiment csce)
          Creates a new instance of AddClockCSRIExperiment
AddClockCSRIExperiment(ConfigurableSequentialCircuitExperiment csce, int cyclesPerSample)
          Creates a new instance of AddClockCSRIExperiment
Method Summary
 int[] getStateEnterPos()
 MealyFSMNode[] getStateGraphNodes()
 int rndStatePos()
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Constructor Detail


public AddClockCSRIExperiment(ConfigurableSequentialCircuitExperiment csce,
                              int cyclesPerSample)
Creates a new instance of AddClockCSRIExperiment


public AddClockCSRIExperiment(ConfigurableSequentialCircuitExperiment csce)
Creates a new instance of AddClockCSRIExperiment
Method Detail


public int[] getStateEnterPos()
Specified by:
getStateEnterPos in interface SequentialCircuitExperiment
Array of positions in last test pattern generated of when the tested FSM - if perfect - would enter each state. So State N is entered at input data position rv[ N ]. The order of states is not important as long as rv[ i ] != rv[ j ] for i != j


public int rndStatePos()
Specified by:
rndStatePos in interface SequentialCircuitExperiment


public MealyFSMNode[] getStateGraphNodes()
Specified by:
getStateGraphNodes in interface SequentialCircuitExperiment
Following copied from interface: jaga.pj.circuits.experiment.SequentialCircuitExperiment
Array of Mealy Finite State Machine Nodes. The nth node in the array represents the state for which the nth int in the array returned by getStateEnterPos() represents the position in the TP at which this state is entered.