Interface ConfigurableRandomInputExperiment

All Superinterfaces:
ConfigurableExperiment, Experiment, java.io.Serializable
All Known Subinterfaces:
All Known Implementing Classes:
ConfigurableRandomInputMultiOutputExperiment, AddClockCRIExperiment, MultiplierExperiment, ArbitraryFunctionExperiment, CombinationalBLIFExperiment

public interface ConfigurableRandomInputExperiment
extends ConfigurableExperiment

Used for experiments where the randomness of the input sequence can be controlled for example so taht every generation the same input sequence is used for all individuals but this is modified for the next generation. The set method will be used to signal when a new generation is starting to be evaluated. This can be implemented to take a paramater perhaps setting the random seed or it could just signal that a new seed should be used..

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get, set
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generateInput, generateInput, getFitness, getNumOfInputs, getNumOfOutputs