Class VassilevMapping

All Implemented Interfaces:
CircuitMapping, java.io.Serializable

public class VassilevMapping
extends java.lang.Object
implements CircuitMapping

Circuit Mapping such that it:

uses LUTS.

has fixed genotype length and number of units

has fixed indexes for the inputs being N-I..N-1 where I is nr of inputs and N nr of units

has variable indexes for the Q outputs defined by the first Q*bpv genotype bits

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Serialized Form

Fields inherited from interface jaga.pj.circuits.CircuitMapping
Constructor Summary
VassilevMapping(CircuitMapping inMap, int nrOuts, int bitsPerVar)
Method Summary
 SimulatorLogicElement getElementFromAddress(SimulatorLogicElement[][] inoutels, int address)
 SimulatorLogicElement[][] map(BitSet genotype)
          Takes and individual and an array of arrays of logic elements where this individual must be instantiated.
 void resetDelays(java.lang.Object delayDef)
 java.lang.String toString()
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Constructor Detail


public VassilevMapping(CircuitMapping inMap,
                       int nrOuts,
                       int bitsPerVar)
Method Detail


public SimulatorLogicElement[][] map(BitSet genotype)
Description copied from interface: CircuitMapping
Takes and individual and an array of arrays of logic elements where this individual must be instantiated.
Specified by:
map in interface CircuitMapping
Following copied from interface: jaga.pj.circuits.CircuitMapping
individual - The individual to be mapped into a circuit.
Array consisting of three subarrays: The first will represent the inputs to the circuit and is where the inputs will be fed in. The second represents the elements that are the outputs of the circuit and is where they will be read out from. The last is an array with all the elements of the circuit.


public java.lang.String toString()
toString in class java.lang.Object


public void resetDelays(java.lang.Object delayDef)
Specified by:
resetDelays in interface CircuitMapping


public SimulatorLogicElement getElementFromAddress(SimulatorLogicElement[][] inoutels,
                                                   int address)
Specified by:
getElementFromAddress in interface CircuitMapping