Package jaga.evolve

Interface Summary
Evolver An interface for creating GA engines which may be generational or not.
GeneticOperator A frame for defining genetic operators.
Selector A Selector is in charge of picking individuals from populations according to certain rules.

Class Summary
AdaptiveMutator AdaptiveMutator throttles the mutation rate based on variety of the population.
BitMutator Flips bit in the genotype according to a probabilty.
BlockCopy This Mutator copies chunks of bits from one part of the genotype onto another.
BunchMutator A BunchMutator can mutate bits in a genotype per bunches.
Chopper Chopper is a Genetic Operator that will cut out a part of a genotype.
EvolveLib This Library contains useful functions used within the evolve package.
ExactGenotypeMutator Flips n bits per genotype.
FitnessProportionateSelector A Roulette Wheel selector.
LockingExactGenotypeMutator This Genetic Operator will look at the bits of the elite through generations and record the last time they changed.
Population A collection of genotypes.
RankSelector A Rank selector.
Reproducer Genetic Operator that simply clones individuals from one population to the other.
SAGAMutator This Genetic Operator attempts to implement the mutation rate m = ln( rho ), where rho is the selective advantage of the fittest possible individual compared to the population average.
SinglePointXOver Performs sexual single point cross over on a pair of individuals to create another.
StandardEvolver A Generational GA with fixed length genotype, fixed size population implementation of the Evolver.
Stretcher Strecher is a Genetic Operator that will add length to a genotype.