Package jaga.control

Interface Summary
InteractionModel Used to control and manage flow of information between Genotypes produced by the Evolve class, the inputs & fitnesses produced by the Experiment and the outputs produced by the Deployment.

Class Summary
HistoryWindowIM This interaction model keeps the last H elites it has seen in a Vector during evolution.
JobInterviewIM Interaction Model which has nrRounds rounds of evaluation.
Monica The main evolutionary control module is in charge of:
NoisyIM Noisy Interaction Model should be used when fitness evaluations are to be noisy due to randomness in the environment and in the inputs.
NoisyPIM Noisy Property Interaction Model is like NoisyIM yet it averages properties over many evaluations.
ShellIM An interaction model containing a nested interaction model inside.
StandardInteractionModel Implementation of the InteractionModel representing a single population, single experiment model in which evaluations of individuals are independent of each other and performed one by one.